“I am down 13 pounds and finally feel the weight loss is working. I don’t feel hungry and am making better choices and those sugar cravings are finally gone! The best part is my achievements have inspired my husband to begin his own journey toward better nutrition and lifestyle.” – Doreen, The BNP Continuous Monitor (CGM) Program participant

“I knew my digestion was off. I kept trying different supplements and removing different foods. Nothing helped and I hated how my upset stomach (and bloating) would keep me from doing what I wanted. I am SO happy I did my digestive tune up with Ashley. I have now done it 3 times – once a quarter like she recommends – and not only is my digestion better but I have lost the belly fat that I couldn’t ever lose. I love this plan and that it doesn’t mean I have to give up all sorts of foods – and that I can eat out with friends! – Sara, BNP Digestive Tune Up participant

Ashley is my go-to resource for health and nutrition answers because she is a walking encyclopedia of food knowledge, is incredibly informed about current policies and trends, and is always the first to know about future developments. But, more importantly, she explains things in a down-to-earth, accessible and fun way accompanied by easy, practical ways to incorporate her principles into your lifestyle so that better nutrition sticks. On a professional level, there is nobody I value more to consult with to ensure I’m imparting the most trustworthy knowledge to my readers. Her simple approach is refreshing and necessary in an era where the message is being muddied by 30-second gimmicks and sound bites that don’t make sense and don’t work.
Tess Masters, author of The Blender GirlThe Blender Girl Smoothies, and The Perfect Blend

“On this show we want to bring you the best information, so we call upon world nutrition expert, dietitian Ashley Koff, to help us bring you the best and most doable nutrition information.” – Dr Mehmet Oz, The Dr Oz Show

Ashley is the most knowledgeable nutritionist that I have ever worked with. She really cares about her clients and is able to work around food intolerances and address different personal nutritional needs. It seems like there is nothing she doesn’t know about nutrition. Emily Deschanel, actress (Bones), producer, mom

Ashley has fittingly referred to the overwhelming amount of information (and misinformation!) about diet, supplements, and nutrition as “info-besity”. Sadly, much of it comes from sources who are NOT medical professionals or registered dieticians such as herself. She emphasizes making “better” choices without the pressure of perfectionism/radical changes and gives you the tools to specifically identify areas in need of improvement. The depth and breadth of her knowledge never ceases to amaze me and I feel lucky to have found such an invaluable resource. Thank you for all you do Ashley!! – Lisa, Better Nutrition Program client

“Ashley is one, if not the, most passionate people I’ve ever met when it comes to informing and educating consumers and companies alike on the benefits of healthy eating and lifestyle. She is truly a wealthy of important information and her enthusiasm for sharing the message of healthy food and eating is unmatched. A true professional and absolute joy to work with!!” Matt Seeley, co-founder Organic Produce Association

I’ve always been a healthy eater and athlete, but as I got older, I found that I’d plateaued at a certain weight. Based on my personal story and family history, Ashley Koff, RD helped me fine-tune my diet and lifestyle. After a period of months under her guidance, my hair, skin, and fitness had never been better. Over 10 years later, I still practice the fundamentals Ashley taught me to be my best, healthiest self! Courtney Knapp, client

Ashley Koff is not only a fabulous and inspiring person, she is a tremendous speaker with an engaging, energetic, and entertaining presence. I have participated both with her as a panelist, where she held her own with Emmy-award winning host, Dr. Mehmet Oz and other prestigious health champions, and as an interviewer in front of a crowd of 10,000 people. In both cases, she was able to dynamically adjust to the topic and the audience to ensure a memorable and impactful session. Jeff Arnold, CEO, Sharecare

Having Ashley Koff, RD at the WTVR CBS 6 Healthy Lifestyle Expo was such an honor.  She engaged and captured the audience with her talk about Better Nutrition Simplified and with her delicious food samples.  She was enthusiastic and interactive with the crowd by allowing a little girl to join her on stage to emphasize just how easy nutrition can be and that the whole family can participate. The audience truly enjoyed Ashley’s presence on stage and valued her advice on how to improve their overall health”. Shelby JennetteAdvertising Sales Coordinator, WTVR TV/DT CBS 6 

Ashley was a dynamic emcee at Prevention’s R3 Summit for two consecutive years. Her deep knowledge and credentials in the health and wellness apace made her our go-to resource. She brought great energy and gravitas to our stage and all of the panels that she moderated. Ashley has a huge fan base at Prevention! Lori Burgess, Publisher, Prevention Magazine

“I am amazed at how well even my most difficult IBS patients do under the care of Ashley Koff RD” Mitchell J. Spirt MD, Cedars-Sinai & UCLA gastroenterologist

“Ashley Koff offers a unique blend of sound science, practical wisdom, and culinary expertise in this wonderful and informative book (Recipes for IBS). I highly recommend it.” Dr Tieraona Low Dog MD

Ashley is an instrumental player in the field of nutrition. I trust she will no doubt transform the industry; she sets the bar for what it means to be an influential and responsible leader in health and wellness. Dr. Andrew Weil, physician, speaker, author